Car Repairs Glossary

Helping You With Your Transmission Repairs

When your car needs repairs, it is sometimes difficult to understand what parts need to be repaired or replaced. At Stans Transmission we want to help make your vehicle repair as simple as possible so we have provided a glossary of transmission terms to help you understand you cars transmission.

Transmission A part of a vehicle that has a gearbox with several gear ratios that are used to match the engines torque and speed to various road speeds while the vehicle is travelling.


Clutch Clutch, clutch disc and pressure plate-a mechanical device used to trabsmit power from the engine into a standard transmission. It is used to disengage the power while transmissionis in gear.


Planetary gears A gearing system consisting of 3 parts, it can achieve underdrive or overdrive depending on powerflow.


Gears A gear wheel depending on the amount of teeth when paired with another gear there will be a reduction output speed, or an overdrive ratio.


Rebuilt transmission The transmission has been dismantled, inspected, and parts replaced to a specific standard.


Overhaul transmission Rebuilt to a specific standard.


Exchange transmission A different transmission, or a rebuilt transmission from another vehicle.


Manual transmission By using a combination of gears and a clutch, the driver will manually select the gear depending on driving conditions. Standard transmission and gearbox.


Gearbox Another term for standard transmission.


Torque converter A fluid coupler mounted on the rear of engine, it transfers power into the transmission. Lock up torque converter, high stall torque converter.


Rebuild kit One of the basic assemblies of a rebuild, it should contain gaskets and seals, clutch plates, bands, bushings, filter, and small parts.


All wheel drive Driven by all 4 wheels.


A/T Another term for automatic transmission.


Automatic transmission Has the ability to select the proper gear ratio for the driving condition. 1st gear from a stop or 4th/5th range at highway.


Differential (rear end) Is used to deliver the power coming out of transmission to drive 2 wheels, it also allows for smooth cornering as the outer wheel must travel a further distance.


Flywheel Used with a clutch assembly, solid flywheel or dual mass flywheel.


Front wheel drive Driven by front wheels, pulling the car – differential is part of transmission


Limited-slip differential More complex than a standard differentail, the purpose is to deliver power evenly to both wheels, especially under slippery road conditions.


Power shift A method of shifting gears with a manual transmission without using the clutch.


Rear wheel drive Driven by rear wheels, pushing the car – using rear differential.


Shifter The device normally mounted on the floor or on the steering column that allows the transmission gears to be selected and changed.


Synchronizer Used in a manual transmission, it allows for smooth engagement of gears.


Tranny A slang term for transmission,


Four wheel drive (4wd) The ability to deliver power to all four wheels, normally driven by 2 wheels until 4wd is selected in transfer case.


Transfer case Part of the 4 wheel system or all wheel drive. It’s used to deliver power to both the front and rear wheels.


Transmission cooler The cooler is placed in the radiator to warm up the fluid when cold and to regulate the fluid temp. from overheating. It’s common to install an additional cooler for heavy duty usage, towing, etc.


Sensors, switches Are used for input info. To the computer, map sensor, speed sensors, throttle position sensor and temp. sensor.


Computer, TCM Specifically the transmission computer, it will control the shifting and pressure in the transmission. The TCM relies on input signals from other computers.


Solenoids An electrical switch used for the control of hydraulic fluid in the valve body. Shift solenoids, pressure solenoid (epc) lock-up solenoid.


Valve body A valving assembly in the automatic transmission that regulates and directs the flow of fluid.