Transmission Diagnosics

Our all-inclusive transmission diagnostics and maintenance services help keep your vehicle running smoothly and prevent long-term damage. We only employ ASTG-certified transmissions mechanics, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands. It is important to check the level of your transmission fluid at least twice a year to prevent long-term damage.

The Automatic Transmission Service Group (ASTG) is the largest service organization in the industry. ASTG certification denotes the highest level of expertise and ongoing training. All of our transmission mechanics have earned this honor.

At Stan’s Transmission, in Vancovuer, we are equipped to repair automatic or manual transmissions on cars, trucks and motor homes. No matter what your transmission needs, we can get the job doneā€”from a transmission flush to installing replacement parts and performing routine maintenance. Our transmission services include:

Transmission Fluid Drain and Replacement
Transmission Filter Replacement
Transmission Flush
Transmission Reseal Service

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