Transmission Repair

A transmission controls the speed and torque of the car and is located in-between the engine and the drive wheels. When your transmission is not functioning properly, you will experience grinding and uneven shifting. The transmission is one of the most crucial components of your automobile, and at Stan’s Transmissions, our ASTG-certified transmission mechanic staff is capable of fixing manual and automatic transmissions on all makes and models of car, trucks and motor homes.

At Stan’s Transmission, in Vancouver, we believe that the customer comes first. Because the transmission is conStan’stly in use, many cars will need some form of rebuild throughout their time on the road. Our mechanics with evaluate your vehicle to determine if you need a comprehensive transmission repair or if your vehicle just needs some simple preventative maintenance. At Stan’s Transmission, in Vancouver, our services are backed by our service guarentees.

The Automatic Transmission Service Group (ASTG) is the largest service organization in the industry. ASTG certification denotes the highest level of expertise and ongoing training. All of our transmission mechanics have earned this honour.:

Transmission Fluid Drain and Replacement   .
Transmission Filter Replacement
Transmission Flush
Transmission Reseal Service

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